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Everyone should have the opportunity to live empowered lives. Through thoughtful design you can create a total life plan for your physical, mental, spiritual and financial house.

I help design dreams. In order for your wildest dreams to come true, you must have wild dreams!
— Lisa Sandlin


Our physical body health determines how we engage with life's activities. We all come in different sizes, colors, abilities, and disabilities. Some of there differences we have control over and some we do not. How we react to these differences, is in our control. It is imperative that we strive to achieve optimal health, regardless of our genetic backgrounds... more



The human mind is a powerful tool. We have the ability to power through most situations, ever heard the saying "mind over matter"? How we think controls our actions. One might, how we think controls our life! A positive attitude will accomplish great things but on the flip side negativity will begat negativity. Stress can produce positive actions...  more



Our spirituality is similar to our mind and thoughts but it is through a connection to a greater power, a universal power, God. Spirituality is not religion, religion is a man made path and a set of rituals and doctrines. Spirituality is in us, our soul. We all have to find our own way... more



Our financial foundation is imperative to creating total wellness. We need financial resources to properly take care of our physical body, to feed ourselves, to protect us, shelter us, to pay for medical care. We need stable financial foundation to have peace of mind...   more

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