Our financial foundation is imperative to creating total wellness. We need financial resources to properly take care of our physical body, to feed ourselves, to protect us, shelter us, to pay for medical care. We need stable financial foundation to have peace of mind, to control stress and worry, to focus on the positive and not overcome by the fears derived from not having enough money. Retired folks are more afraid of running out of money than dying. We need a solid road map to achieve our financial freedom for retirement, a protection plan against dying too early or living too long. We need to know how money works for us or against us so we can achieve our financial goals. Two out of the three adults are financially illiterate. They do not even know the basics of personal finance. Ignorance is not bliss in this arena, the cost of not knowing how to budget, manage your debt, establish an emergency fund, protect your family from loss of income, invest for your future, avoid taxes, outpace inflation and set up an estate plan in far too high. You were, most likely, not taught this information in school but you must seek it now; your total wellness depends on it.