Get Your House in Order

Have you ever heard the term "getting your house in order"?  It has been used in the past when someone was diagnosed with a terminal illness and they need to get things in order to prepare for their death.

Well, what about getting your "houses in order" to prepare for your Life?

4houses4life is exactly about planning and preparing the 4 houses (areas) of your life to live the life of your dreams, a life of empowerment, freedom, security, abundance and joy!

Life doesn't just happen like that. We have to plan, prepare, and build the life we dream of living.  Life planning is just like designing a house.  We need a vision of what we want the house to be…..

What it looks like, how it feels, is there an abundance of light, is it peaceful, comforting and empowering?  Are there great places for entertainment, fun and food, places to relax, curl up and read a book, places for family, exercise, work and play?   Are there quiet rooms for meditation, introspection and prayer?  Is it built on a solid foundation or perched precariously on a hillside that could wash away?

As a residential designer with a masters degree in architecture, I have been trained to ask all of the pertinent questions to help you create the vision of your dream home and design it into reality.  As a seasoned financial professional with years of experience in life, I have also learned how to help you discover and design the life of your dreams.

More to come...

Lisa Sandlin4 Houses 4 Life