A Solid Foundation

Getting your "houses in order" all begins with a solid financial foundation.  Having your financial house in order means understanding how money works.  It is critical to know the basic financial concepts and understand what affects they can have in your day to day life and your financial future.  Did you know that 2 out of 3 people are financially illiterate?  Most people do not understand compound interest and how it can work for you or drastically against you!  Other basics include: budgeting, paying yourself first, the rule of 72, how to protect your family from loss of income, how to save, where to save and how to stay ahead of inflation and taxation.  Having your financial house in order also means having a clear vision or blueprint toward your retirement, including preparation and planning for illnesses, dying too early and living too long!

Once your financial foundation is solidly built, all other areas of your life become more stable, it is the foundation you build your life upon.  You will have greater peace of mind so life becomes more joyful.  You can take care of yourself better.  You have faith that your God will provide abundance and prosperity in your life and that you are worthy of receiving it.

Start the journey now, its never too late to "get your 4 houses 4 life in order"!  The sooner you start, the better for you…. The life of your dreams awaits!

Lisa Sandlin4 Houses 4 Life