Life Doesn't "Just Happen"!

Photo by  Hope House Press  on  Unsplash

Have you ever heard the term “Getting your life in order”?  It has been used when someone was diagnosed with a terminal illness and they needed to, “get things in order”, to prepare for their death. 

Well what about getting your houses in order to prepare for your life?

4 Houses 4 Life is just that, it’s about planning and preparing the 4 areas of your life so you can live the life of your dreams!  A life of empowerment, freedom, security, abundance and joy!

Lives like that don’t just happen, we have to plan, prepare and build the life we dream of living.

Life planning is just like designing a house, we need a vision of what we want the house to be.  What it looks like, how it feels.  Is there an abundance of light?  Is it peaceful and comforting?  Does it empower us to do all the activities of life?  Are there great places for entertainment, fun, food, places to relax, curl up and read a good book, places for family, exercise, work and play?  Are there quiet rooms for meditation, introspection and prayer?  Is it placed on a solid foundation in the earth or perched precariously on a hillside that could wash away?

As a seasoned residential designer with a master’s degree in architecture, I have been trained to ask all of the right questions to help you create the vision of your dream home.  As a seasoned financial advisor, with years of experience in life, I have also have learned how to help you discover and design the life of your dreams.

It all begins with a solid financial foundation.  Having your financial house is order is critical to living an empowered life.  This means understanding basic financial concepts and implementing them into your financial plan.  Are you aware that 2 out of 3 people in the world are financially illiterate? 

It is my mission to teach people how money really works and to apply those concepts to your life.  To help you understand:

  • the power of compound interest

  • budgeting

  • to pay yourself first

  • the rule of 72

  • how to protect your family from the loss of an income

  • how and where to save money

  • the effects of taxation and inflation

You also need a clear vision and a plan for your retirement.  What does it look like? How have you prepared to protect your family if you die too early or live too long?

Once you have your strong financial foundation built, all other aspects of your life become more stable.  This is the foundation you build your life upon.

You have peace of mind.  Life becomes more joyful!  You can take care of yourself better.  You have faith that God will provide abundance and prosperity in your life and that you are worthy to receive it. 

Start the journey, its never too late to get your 4 houses 4 life in order.  The sooner you start the better……  The life of your dreams awaits!

Lisa Sandlin