Our physical body health determines how we engage with life’s activities.  We all come in different sizes, shapes, colors abilities and disabilities.  Some of these differences we have control over and some we do not. How we react to these differences, is in our control.  It is imperative that we strive to achieve optimal health, regardless of our genetic back grounds, current conditions, abilities or disabilities.  Learning how to eat better, exercise more, get enough rest, eliminate harmful chemicals and monitor our care with the guidance of health professionals are all things any of us should be able to do.  The question is….Why don’t we?

Our physical environment may empower us or hinder us depending on the ability we have to interact within it. When we have disabilities we may face difficulties or impossibilities if the spaces and places have not been designed with a universal or inclusive philosophy.  The focus of my design practice has always been about empowerment.  Functionality is the key factor; however beauty should not be compromised either, good design will achieve both equally.