Our homes should support trans-generational interaction, not prohibit it. They should be visit-able for people of all abilities.

Whether it is a renovation or a new home…inclusive design is the answer.


Houses that work for life! covers a broad spectrum of meanings. These homes work throughout the span of one’s chronological life by implementing a timeless design.


They work to empower us for life and address the changes that life brings to our physical and mental abilities as we age. They also work for the life of the planet by striving to be energy efficient and in collaboration with nature.

Houses that work for life focus on functionality. Form follows function in family friendly homes. The floor plans are flexible, so as life’s needs change the home easily modifies to accommodate. Flowing spaces and fluid forms add to a family focused, fun and futuristic lifestyle. The fast pace of today’s world becomes easier to manage in a house that is designed to function well for life.

For life design also incorporates eco-friendly design; Eco for Ecology and Eco for Economics. Houses that work for life work with the environment, topography and sun orientation of your site. Energy efficient, cost effective and ethical designs work for life!